Services Offered

Animals Served

Cool Breeze Helping Hands accepts horses, ponies, and donkeys into its care.

Type of Care Provided

For the Rescued equine – restorative health care, nutritional intervention, bonding and attachment support

For the equine in need of Rehabilitation – supportive health care, exercise program, and emotional support

For the Retired equine – pasture management, nutrition and supplement management, and emotional support

Services Offered to all Rescued Animals

  1. Veterinary care

  2. Farrier services

  3. Massage therapy

  4. Chiropractic care

  5. Individually formulated supplements

  6. Individually planned nutritional support

  7. Exercise and training support

  8. Emotional and bonding support

Contact:  Ann Phillip  262-334-3935

Cool Breeze is a 501(c)(3) organization.

After having his hooves cut with a chainsaw, Charlie was in need of a gentle and loving touch.