Make a Donation


Monetary Donations

How does your monetary donation help the horses, ponies, and donkeys of Cool Breeze Helping Hands?

  1. $5 buys wood shavings to provide clean stall bedding for a night of care.

  2. $10 feeds one horse for an entire day.

  3. $25 provides one farrier call.

  4. $50 provides one horse with spring shots.

  5. $100 supports a veterinary call for a distressed horse.

  6. $1000 provides hay and grain for one retired horse for an entire year.

Other Donations

The horses, ponies, and donkeys of Cool Breeze Helping Hands need your supplies and feed on a daily basis.  The following items are always appreciated.

  1. Unopened bags of wood shavings

  2. Unopened bags of Nutrena® Feed

  3. Unopened bags of horse treats

  4. Unopened bottles of fly spray

  5. New horse brushes and grooming supplies

Contact:  Ann Phillip  262-334-3935

Cool Breeze is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Brown Sugar’s, the Ethiopian Pony, blindness is a result of neglect.