Horses Available for Adoption

Horses Ready for Adoption

    These horses are ready to be adopted by suitable homes.  Please call Cool Breeze if you are interested in meeting the horse and fully understanding their needs.  If the initial visits are positive, then the process of adoption may begin.


    Magic is a three gaited Kentucky Saddlebred gelding.    With calcium deposits on his coffin bones, he is best ridden by someone who takes gentle rides for short amounts of time. 
Because the calcium deposits are located inside of his hooves, Magic receives special farrier care to reduce his discomfort along with anti-inflammatory supplements to help with swelling and discomfort. 

Little Rock

    Little Rock came to Cool Breeze when his elderly caregivers
could no longer care for him.  He was born with shattered knees, so cannot be ridden.  He is a good companion and has a wonderful disposition. 

Contact:  Ann Phillip  262-334-3935

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